Bolt Action Team Challenge 2019

Bolt action tournament 2019

Introduction Current teams line up Team and selection rules What to bring The rounds The tables and missions Event details Schedule 12th May 2019 Lunch Location and contact Staying overnight Awards Entry cost Scoring Bonus points (4 points maximum) Match point scoring (15 points maximum available) Secondary objective (three points…

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Katzbach August 1813


Katzbach August 1813 Reimagined (with General d’Armee) NB This is not a refight as such – no torrential rain, broken bridges and muddy ground! We are using the terrain and approximations of formation strengths etc., plus the strategic background to set the battle. Blücher’s Plan Graf von Blücher largely followed…

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Sharp Practice Spain 1812


Somewhere on the Spanish Atlantic Coast, March 1812 The Setting The sleepy fishing village of Los Tahat on the windswept Atlantic Coast is unremarkable except for the old medieval lighthouse which overlooks the Port – and the lighthouse has definitely seen better days and is in truth only of interest…

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Normandy Bolt Action Full Battle Report

German command moving up

The British Landings The British suffered very heavy losses in the first two waves. The first wave of eight units was was completely destroyed. The second wave although suffering heavy casualties were able by turn three able to take out the German bunkers. Once this key part of the defences…

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Bolt Action Normandy Setup


WE’RE AT AGAIN. SSWG do like a big one. Everything is coming together for our Normandy Bolt Action game planed for the 25th Nov. We plan to use every table in the club. 452 sq foot.   The tables will be linked by boards designed to span the gaps and…

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Bolt Action Market Garden battle report

US forces under fire board boats for the river crossing

Market Garden report Southend on Sea Wargames Group ( had spent several weeks setting up tables and scenery for a large scale scenario on June 10th. The plan was to refight as much of operation Market Garden as their tables would allow, which had been formed into a horseshoe shape…

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Market Garden battle report 2

Bridge is swiftly captured and the Armour rolls on.

The US Airborne formation had moved quickly to the riverside and begun an assault across the river (that would take two turns to cross) into the face of very heavy German fire, including from a 20mm Quad AA gun on a building roof, from turn one. However casualties were horrific…

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