Tyranid Infestation.


Here are a few snaps from the 40k Apocalypse game “Tyranid Infestation” at the weekend. The board was 18 feet x 16 feet. Consisting of an plantary airbase, from which all reserves were allocated. A Power station, for various objectives, cooling and power storage units, these affected the city shield, and…

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Bolt Action Market Garden battle report

US forces under fire board boats for the river crossing

Market Garden report Southend on Sea Wargames Group (SSWG.co.uk) had spent several weeks setting up tables and scenery for a large scale scenario on June 10th. The plan was to refight as much of operation Market Garden as their tables would allow, which had been formed into a horseshoe shape…

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Tea Bolt Action & Bacon Rolls

Bolt Action

8 Hours of Bolt Action… A bridge too Far. The opening shots… Here are a the first few images of our all day Bridge too far scenario played across our large 56ft long table. We had about 5 or 6 players on each side and the dice started rolling about 10:00.…

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