Bolt Action 3 Good Men

3 good men Bolt Action game

Winners Bolt Action 3 Good Men   Congratulations to the winners of the SSWG 2019 Bolt Action Tournament. Also their team member Andy who was the top player. Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts View Gallery   Watch Videos SSWG Hackney Area Tabletop Enthusiasts Surrey Soartans East coast gaming Colchester Crusaders Blood and Iron Team scores A […]

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Bolt Action Team Challenge 2019

Bolt action tournament 2019

Bolt Action Team Challenge 2019 Introduction Current teams line up Team and selection rules What to bring The rounds The tables and missions Event details Schedule 12th May 2019 Lunch Location and contact Staying overnight Awards Entry cost Scoring Bonus points (4 points maximum) Match point scoring (15 points maximum available) Secondary objective (three points […]

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Katzbach August 1813

Katzbach August 1813 Reimagined (with General d’Armee) NB This is not a refight as such – no torrential rain, broken bridges and muddy ground! We are using the terrain and approximations of formation strengths etc., plus the strategic background to set the battle. Bl Plan Graf von Blücher largely followed historical deployment with Sacken’s Russian […]

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Sharp Practice Spain 1812

Somewhere on the Spanish Atlantic Coast, March 1812 The Setting The sleepy fishing village of Los Tahat on the windswept Atlantic Coast is unremarkable except for the old medieval lighthouse which overlooks the Port – and the lighthouse has definitely seen better days and is in truth only of interest to small children playing out […]

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