Beer and Zombies

Zombicide Night

Zombicide Night Zombicide Friday 7 for demo. game starts around 8 bring beer and some people are ordering pizza. Large city, zombies every where and helicopters trying to rescue the civilians. You have to fight your way to the park to escape the madness with or without help it’s grab a frying pan or meat […]

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SSWG The New Fire Base.

Friday 16th January 2015. After the opening we have now built the last of the tables a 18 x 6 ft. The carpet tiles are nearly all laid, the last of the emulsion painting is completed and the last of gloss is to be finished on Monday. A Big Thankyou, to all the people who […]

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Flames of War Gallery

The Flames of War 15mm gallery, World War Two in 15mm has just had the Eastern Front 44 Album Eastern Front 1944 added to it. A collection of SS Division Panzer vehicles, against the Russians at Kirvograd. This was a ongoing club three day battle last year, since which the Southend Wargames Club, Russian war […]

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