SSWG are a wargaming club based in Southend on sea Essex. Our members play a very wide range of games including popular titles like Warhammer 40k, Bolt action, Lord of the Rings, Flames of War, Star Wars Legion and X-wing to name just a few. We aren’t exclusive though and smaller niche games often make an appearance.  Zombiecide, Fistful of Lead and Dragon Rampant have been popular recently. 

We also have a very active historical group that cover a very wide range of periods from ancients all the way to modern and beyond.  We have armies for Classical Ancients, Dark Ages, English Civil War, Napoleonics, American Civil War, Colonial Sudan, Russian Civil War, WW2 and Cold War Europe besides many others.   

The club does not only to cater for the smaller skirmish style games but for our particular love of larger games. The desire to play the large games over a period of days without the need to finish at a specific time was one of the driving forces behind setting up the club. These games will often incorporate our two 18 foot tables or more. Our largest game to date ended up using every table surface in the club and involved many players yet was completed in a single day.  Although, setting up took at least a couple of evenings prior to the game.  We can cover all these tables with our huge and varied terrain collection in several scales.

Don’t take our word for it though, check out the picture galleries or come and see us in person.