Defending Lothlorien

Defending Lothlorien Gallery ...
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Gandalf and the Balrog

Gandalf and the Balrog Gallery ...
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Zombiecide Gallery

Zombiecide Gallery ...
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SSWG PRESENTS World Open War World Open War is SSWG's new international Bolt Action tournament. It is a team-based event, ...
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Download tournament pack. VC Day Bolt Action Tourney 2021

Download tournament pack VC Day is SSWG's new Bolt Action tournament welcoming back all bolt action players to tournament play ...
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bolt action supplement


Download our bolt action supplement This supplement is designed to allow Bolt Action players to deploy platoons based on the ...
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Three Good Men 2020 Battle report

Introduction Southend and Shoeburyness Wargaming Club (SSWG) held a two day, five game themed bolt action tournament on the 25th ...
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3 Good Men 2020 Gallery

Return to: Three Good Men 2020 Battle report ...
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SSWG Bolt Action Team Challenge 2020

Bolt Action Three Good Men 25-26th January 2020 Download

SSWG 3 good men Team Challenge 2020 Download tournament pdf document Here. Three Good men, SSWG’s annual Bolt Action tournament ...
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Tel ajoke coming soon

The unremitting Terror that was!

Stills from the epic new Tim B. DeMille film. Tune in for updates. You will DEFINITELY WANT TO miss this ...
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3 good men Bolt Action game

Bolt Action 3 Good Men

Winners Bolt Action 3 Good Men Congratulations to the winners of the SSWG 2019 Bolt Action Tournament. Also their team ...
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Bolt action tournament 2019

Bolt Action Team Challenge 2019

Bolt Action Team Challenge 2019 Introduction Current teams line up Team and selection rules What to bring The rounds The ...
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Katzbach August 1813

Katzbach August 1813 Reimagined (with General d’Armee) NB This is not a refight as such – no torrential rain, broken ...
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Sharp practice

Sharp Practice Spain 1812

Somewhere on the Spanish Atlantic Coast, March 1812 The Setting The sleepy fishing village of Los Tahat on the windswept ...
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first part of our report

Normandy Bolt Action First Reports Came in

The game was played using Bolt Action rule set and played in our club house. This allowed us to set ...
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German command moving up

Normandy Bolt Action Full Battle Report

The British Landings The British suffered very heavy losses in the first two waves. The first wave of eight units ...
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Bolt Action Normandy

First images of the Normandy Bolt Action game. Report to follow soon ...
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Bolt Action Normandy Setup

WE'RE AT AGAIN. SSWG do like a big one. Everything is coming together for our Normandy Bolt Action game planed ...
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US forces under fire board boats for the river crossing

Bolt Action Market Garden battle report

Market Garden report Southend on Sea Wargames Group ( had spent several weeks setting up tables and scenery for a ...
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Market Garden battle report 2

The US Airborne formation had moved quickly to the riverside and begun an assault across the river (that would take ...
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Tyranid Infestation.

Here are a few snaps from the 40k Apocalypse game "Tyranid Infestation" at the weekend. The board was 18 feet ...
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Bolt Action

Tea Bolt Action & Bacon Rolls

8 Hours of Bolt Action... A bridge too Far. The opening shots... Here are a the first few images of ...
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Warhammer 40000 April 2nd 2016

Warhammer 40000 Tournament 1500pts

Warhammer 40000 Tournament 1500pts Saturday April 2nd ...
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Star Wars Campaign League

Star Wars Campaign League

Star Wars Campaign League Contact us for more details ...
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Warhammer 40k Tournament

Warhammer 40k 1500pts Tournament Saturday 28th November 2015 ...
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Battle of Dresden 1813

Re-fighting Battle of Dresden 1813

We will be re-fighting the Battle of Dresden 1813 starting on wed the 23rd sept. The Battle of Dresden Germany ...
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miniwargaming Dave is visiting us In September

miniwargaming dave will be visiting our club on Wednesday Sept. 16th @ 7:00pm.He will be filming an episode of Life of a ...
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New Boards

Finishing New boards

Finishing the new boards last night ...
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Zombicide Night 27.3.15

Zombicide Night 27.3.15 Zombicide Friday 27  from around 8 bring beer. Large city, zombies every where and helicopters trying to rescue the ...
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Battle of Küstrin 22nd-29th March 1945.

This Sunday we shall be doing a large Flames of War scenario, from the epic battles around Kustrin and the ...
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Fames of War

Flames of War march on

Gaming night 11th March The Flames of war campaign continues. Warmachine and 40,000 ...
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Zombicide Night

Beer and Zombies

Zombicide Night Zombicide Friday 7 for demo. game starts around 8 bring beer and some people are ordering pizza. Large ...
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SSWG The New Fire Base.

Friday 16th January 2015. After the opening we have now built the last of the tables a 18 x 6 ...
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Privateer Magdalena. A Brief history

See a picture diary and notes on how we made her in our privateer gallery. She was one of 3 ...
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Flames of War Gallery

The Flames of War 15mm gallery, World War Two in 15mm has just had the Eastern Front 44 Album Eastern ...
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