The Night Before D-Day

The scenario for the game is set the night of the 5th and early the 6th June 1944 and few hours before the D-Day landings. The job of the French resistance fighters was to infiltrate the area and attempt to destroy, by the placing of charges, a series of objectives. They were given eight turns to achieve the mission. As on turn nine the sun was up. The table was devided into four zones with two players in each.

Bolt Action the night before D-Day

The game board was split into four zones. Each zone had a series of objectives that had to be met.
Blowing up the installations, ammo dumps, planes and a control tower for example.

Zone one the docs.
Zone two the town.
Zone three the bridge.
zone four the airport.

The Rules

The game was based on bolt action with a few slight amendments.
The dice were used as normal but with a few changes. We added a few extra dice to the bag .
Firstly the Tiffin dice. Which if you're not familiar with will end the turn when pulled from the bag, no matter what stage you're at or how many other dice remain in the bag.

There was also the special objectives dice.
These were about 6 dice per side. If one of these was pulled from the bag, depending on whose dice it was. The allies or the Germans, a especially's card was drawn from the deck.

These card had special instructions, ranging from. An extra 9 inch move or an ambush for example.
Once the dice was pulled from the bag. Each player on the relevant side roll off. The highest number would receive the specialist card.

Bolt Action the night before D-Day the table


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We played nine turns this was to simulate night. Allowing the resistance to move about without being seen and meet their objectives.
If you bumped into a German patrol and if forced to engage them. Then you failed to take out the whole squad, it would result in setting off the alarm and waking all the sleeping troops in the zone.This happened is all zones apart from the airport. My zone.

The darkness limited ranges as it would naturally do.
Dawn was after turn nine and at this point the allies received their reinforcements. This consisted of, two gliders full of paratroopers and a squad of Marines which landed at the docks.

The Germans Garrison started as simple trained troops with no special abilities and hitting on a five or six. All the resistance were experienced and hit on a four five or six.
At the start of every turn each Germans player was allowed to roll and average dice. This was to see if they could bring on more reserves. Quite often this didn't happen which gave the resistance quite an advantage.

Without giving a blow by blow account of each turn. When we reached turn nine we found the allies had managed to take pretty much take all of their objectives, apart from a few. They had also successfully managed to pin down the Germans into small pockets in each of their separate zones another Allied victory.

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