Building the new club

Friday 16th January 2015.

After the opening we have now built the last of the tables a 18 x 6 ft. The carpet tiles are nearly all laid, the last of the emulsion painting is completed and the last of gloss is to be finished on Monday.

A Big Thankyou, to all the people who made this a successful project, especially those who gave time and effort, then the people who financed it, without those it would not have been possible. and a thankyou to Dave Ryan from Caliver Books for all those Pizza’s, and James Mum for the lovely cakes.


Monday 24th November 2014.

Today the work started on clearing the site for the new SSWG Club Venue. Freddie on the forklift and myself shifting, lifting and stacking by hand. Filthy work, but we are progressing, slowly advancing towards the back wall. The high point today was the toilets, they were to be liberated, finally breaking through the final defences at lunch time. So now, we can really see all the prospects.

Measurements are 11.6 metres deep x 9.6 metres along, as you walk through the door, this the main area, as well as an area for storage in the toilet section. Although here we shall need the basic facilities, i.e. toilet and basin. Maybe the hot water tank, or Combi boiler can be situated here.

Tomorrow being Tuesday 25th, we shall hope to have the whole area cleared, and then the scaffold tower, tools, fixings, and building material deliveries can begin.

Will start posting pictures, soon.

Tuesday 25th November,

found another door, right next to the toilet door, this one leading to the old offices, cleared away more  racking, and filled a few more pallets.

Just a few bits to move and the big box, then it’s the constuction material deliveries time.

Dust is slowly vanishing now, shovel by shovel.

Back at 0900-1330 hrs tomorrow.

First shots of the new site, view of the soon to be kitchen and the toilet door.

NE corner, this area is now clear.

Thursday, 27th November 2014.

To day the majority of the area is now clear, few books and a cabinet and shelving units, and just the Matchbox car to go. Today we had the arrival of all the first stage materials, thishas been accomplished, timber, fixings, insulation and liner etc. The plumbing side has been organised, with toilet and basin in the toilet with an additional sink for dirty jobs, and a seperate sink in the new kitchen area. “Central heating as well”

He is one of the giant rubbish bags, now been taken away by forklift.

Found an unused sapele door for the office, so this just needs hinges and fittings, so all set now for the following week when the majority of the workforce arrive.

Will be about for viewing on Friday 1300-1600 and Saturday 0900-1400. this is for the helpers for windows etc.

SSWG are now residents at, 3a Bentalls Close Southend on Sea.

Friday 28th November 2014.

This afternoon the Matchbox was moved then the car inserted, this is the last of the clearing big jobs completed. I started to remove the excess power conduits, electric points, lights and fixtures, fixings. All the area is clear ready for the construction part to begin on Monday.

Open from 0900-1400 hrs Saturday for viewing and help, and do not forget the evening Christmas party at the Last Post, 1900 hrs onwards.

Saturday 29th November 2014.

All is clear except for materials, Mark helped take down all the heavy industrial trunking, that made it look much more spacious. Paul has put in the toilet and has started on the central heating pipes, Rob generously donated Bacon Sandwiches, and swept down all the walls, and floor  de-nailing as he went etc.

Marked out, and put down all the floor plates ready for fixing. This shows in detail the layout positions of the first of the tables. A 12′ x 6′ and a 12′ x 4′ next is a 18′ x 6′ and a 16′ x 6′ and finally a 6′ x 4′. Hoping this will be enough, although the 6′ tables can be linked with inserts to give a 34′ table as well as a large U shape 16′ 16′ 18′ and square  O adding the final side 16′, stand in the middle. And a large P shape. More details tomorrow.

Sunday 30th November 2014.

Toilet in place, now just boxwork, and tiling.

Floor plate fixed down and marked, as well as the wall end plate.

All the floor plates to the workshop have been fixed down and the door entrance shown, we can strt to see the areas available now.

The timber is stacked ready for various jobs,

Monday 1st December 2014

End stud wall going up with the storage area timber joists above.The internal size of the Workshop can now be seen clearly, with all the Workshop studs, doorliner, up and ready waiting to be plasterboarded. Closer view of the Workshop with the ceiling joists going in, leaving a loft hatch for storage.

Here you can see the doorway into the workshop and joists above to 12′ x 4′ games table position.Ceiling joists on the noggins waiting to be lifted up into position.

You can finally see the shape of things to come, back tomorrow from 0830 till 1600 hours.

Tuesday 2nd December 2014.

Today all work seemed to accelerate, flooring arrived, polystyrene underfloor insulation, plasterboard and the rest of the timber. Above we can see the new stud for the Kitchenette, being erected this will encompass the “Tea” facilities. As you can see this will probably become the first task completed.

Below, you can see the underfloor insulation stack, and above that in the distance the,

plasterboard on the walls going up. The large angled beam, is to tie in the long boundary wall, to take out the whip.Plasterboard going on the studs in the Workshop.

Wednesday 3rd December 2014.

Work goes on, today we saw more plasterboard going up on the ceiling and all round the workshop, just cutting in to do. The electric cupboard, now formed, and a door liner made, should be ready for boarding. The first light cables for the workshop, table 1 and 2 are in place, ready to drop through the ceiling. The tea bar zone is all studed out, awaiting plasterboard and the power ring cables, for fridge, kettle, microwave, coffee machine etc. Nearly all the big holes in the walls have been bricked up and filled in.

So, tomorrow, it is on to the floor insulation and flooring next, more insulation and more plasterboarding. and continuing the boundary wall up to the eaves 6 metres up.

Thursday 4th December 2014.

Starting go together now, the bar area is boarded both sides, the power cables and metal socket boxes in, Fridge in place, and top timber ledge ready to be fitted. Adam sanded down all the skirting boards, and Gary, well he was around somewhere, Or maybe he is shorter than we think.I think he maybe a bit shorter than we imagined, will have to lower one end of the counter edge for him.The floor is starting to go down now, with polystyrene insulation underneath, here we see Gary at work just getting up from a quick lie down.All the joints are glued, giving a firm but warm feel. The ceilings where we are using storage above have been basically completed, just a few off cuts to fill in the Workshop around the hatch, plasterboarding the walls has continued today slowly filling all the places required. Here above, we see the end wall stud creeping higher up to the six metre mark, with the first brace put round the concrete truss.Under this flooring in the loft space is 4 inches of insulation, we already have an area boarded of 3.6 x 2.4 with additional space in the lower eave of 3.6 x  1.2, by the time it is completed we shall have a 9.6 x 3.6 metre area.Here in the corner 12 x 4 foot table area the ceiling and walls are nearly finished just a strip along the top of the wall to go.

Friday 5th December 2014.

Most of the flooring is down, even inside the workshop, and the kitchen was delivered today. The wall behind the stud was insulated and the plasterboarding started.Insulation.And here we see the expanse of the flooring, right up to the tea bar.

Saturday 6th December 2014.

Today we continued filling in the studs and ceilings with plasterboard, and real good clear up, emptying the bins etc, The utility room sink and cupboard are fitted and are waiting to be plumbed in, tomorrow with luck. Also the workshop work benches have been fitted, so now the dropsaw and all the tools are now in there. So tomorrow I can finish laying the floor.

Sunday 7th December 2014.

Floor now complete, must do something about the front door threshold, all the remaining boards are free to be used in the upper storage area, as they are all treated. We have also had another big cleanup, surprising how much rubbish is left after each stage.The tubs are to hold the floor down around the edges till the adhesive dries, the first of the radiators on the wall, feels warmer already.Kitchen area floor down, and the same again, tubs to hold the floor down around the industrial art.Latest picture of the workshop, this will be where the messy work will now be done, so the painting can start.We now have the sink plumbed in with taps, the central heating unit is on the wall with it’s expansion vessel below.

Tuesday 9th December 2014.

Up goes the party wall today, just a few tie fixings and a few noggins. So should be able to continue the plasterboarding tomorrow.All the skirting boards have been primed twice, As usual a nother tidy up, with all the spare polystyrene going up into the storage area, insulation there as well while waiting for the suspended ceiling.

As you can see above the first coat of paint, a mist coat, is being applied to all the walls.

Wednesday 10th December 2014.

Started with door architraves, then some of the skirtings, especially round bar area, then as fast as fixed Nigel came and painted them in primer, then off he set on the walls. Meanwhile I continued to fix the stud wall, then on to the loft boarding, two thirds complete now. We couldn’t do the high level plasterboarding as only two of us today, need three a least.

Thursday 11th December 2014.

Finished the flooring in the loft space, and the loft hatch liner  fitted in the centre of the picture, just the loft hatch door 6′ x 2’6″ to hang.The picture above is the hatch, looking from the workshop. Below is the fridge and the left hand side of the kitchen, cupboard doors, handles now all on, worktop fixed etc. Nearly finished all the internal plasterboarding, all the little bits left behind are in the workshop. Painting has continued again today on the blinding coat. Below we can see the skirtings, and painting on the external side of the kitchen.And the first step to independance was started today with the external wall being chopped out for the door. Although this is the first shot, the external wall is now out, just the inner to go.A picture here below, is of the external wall of the workshop, architraves and skirtings visable with a coat of paint.

Saturday 13th December 2014.

This first photo shows the new entrance way door, into the Stans warehouse, meaning we have the original doorway, and are now INDEPENDANT.

Now we can fill in the centre section of the warehouse tomorrow, “close the border as such” all welcome. Meanwhile today the remaining radiators were fitted, even in the toilet, the heating system finished, and the tails to the kitchen sink placed ready.Above we have the hot water heater being fitted, and the rest of the heating system, note the toilet radiator.The kitchen area had it’s make over today with the Pump and preasure system removed from over the window, all the window security grills taken down and painted. With the kitchen now ready for the remaining units to be fitted, below the Sink is nowfitted to worktop. So the sink cupboard can be fitted with the worktop also ready.Above you can see the grills off and the new wiring ring going in, although all hanging down, they are in the right place waiting for the conduits.

Sunday 14th December 2014.

All the top part of the partition wall is finished with the insulation in the void, and the joints filled. Just two small sections at either end where the scaffold tower is too big to fit, so will have to be done on the steps. Next job is to rebuild the tower on our side, so we can put in the high level stays, and the cables for the suspended ceiling.

Although we had a poor turnout, a number of other jobs have been completed, testing the radiators and pipework under pressure, plasterboarding finished in the workshop, the 40K Industrial art has been cleaned up, painting has continued as well as the usual clean ups.

Monday 15th December 2014.

Poor turnout, but we finished the dividing wall last night, so now totally independant.

Make a note that we shall have the first meeting in our new premises on Tuesday 30th December 2014, to sort out a club committee, ground rules etc.

Wednesday 17th December 2014.

Starting to pull together now, more cleaning, and painting, main games area and in the kitchen and toilet areas. The final cupboard has gone up in the toilet area, as well as all the boxing round the pipes. This is ready for the ceiling, which has also arrived.

Thursday 18th December 2014.

Poor showing today, but all the windows have been cleaned, in side and out, all the paint scrapped off the glass, a thankless task. Painted the mist coat on the cills and reveals, and more on the wall tops and bottoms out of reach of the roller. Boxwork completed in the toilet behind the pan, last of the cables threaded through, silicon removed from sink edges, where we had to stick them down.

Friday 19th December 2014.

More skirting boards on, all the electric fixtures and fittings have arrived, and John has filled all the plasterboard screw holes etc.

Saturday 20th December 2014.

As you can see from the pictures, all coming together now. today have fitted all the conduits and sockets for the first electric ring, and powered up so the sockets all work in the games area, and kitchen. The second ring has had all the conduits and all but one socket to fit, this will be in the morning giving us hot water!!!!All the plasterboard walls have been sanded, and now wait for first real coat of paint. Toilet area has been mist coated by Trev, not many misses though!! Filling, woodwork sanding and the first coat there tomorrow.The main central heating cable has also been connected at the board, and will now only need to be connected at the load switch to complete that circuit. So tomorrow we fire up the heating and hot water for the first time. Also vast difference has been made with all the windows having a good clean by John, so much brighter now.

Paul has finished the wastes so now both sinks are operational, so no more excuses for dirty cups.

Sunday 21st December 2014.

Central heating on, and going to be warm, wires for suspended ceiling halfway across, although all dangling, the conduits fixed back, second power ring up and going, and second coat of paint on in places.

Monday 22nd December 2014.

Today John finished off all the first coat on the walls, and then swept out the whole unit, and then filled the ceiling screw holes and joints etc. While the kitchen and utilty sink cupboards had their shelves put in, then the doors and handles put on. The door closers were all removed from the toilet and outer door.

We finished off the dangling wires to support the ceiling, soOne of the borrowers posting a Christmas card.

the ceiling suspended frame work can go up, Gary and Trevor showing the first tile being inserted.Above in this picture we are showing you the ceiling so far, this has also had extra insulation put on top, up next is the lighting.

Tuesday 23rd December 2014.

Matt came in and started filling all the joints, whilst I put up the first two light fittings over the 18 foot table, after switching them on, our judgement was right, perfect! Trev continued with the filling around the bar area, and washed the cups, while Freddie dangled things from the wires to tension them.

Saturday 27th December 2014.

Paul has connected the cable, so hot water now, so no more excusees for dirty cups, and we have extended the ceiling some what, adding more insulation etc, as we go. Ready for the next pair of strip lights over the 16ft table. Although all the edges still need to be done, and the cables finished off to level in the ceiling, Monday!!!Probably nearly half way looking at the picture.

Monday 29th December 2014.

Great turnout today, Phil sanded down and painted the two ceilings, then filled them again. James caulking anywhere he found a hole, most worrying, lucky we had no builders bums today. Trev sanding down all the woodwork in the toilet and utility room, then painting the primer.He we have Freddie and Adrian gaping into a hole, with Brian working his way around the room cutting the edge pieces, and putting in the ceiling tiles. Insulating above, and tying off the cables. Note the second line of lights are up.Above we have the 12′ x 6′ table area, all filled again, waiting to be sanded and top coated. The lights are up and on.James in the 40K hole filling, the walls for the final time, the pots are to tension the wire, hanging weight. With Rob doing all the cleaning and clearing up, victuals, organising, Tea etc. Hot Water now, fridge on, HEATING!!!

Tuesday 30th December 2014.

Lots accomplished today, we can see the light at the end of the tunnel, literally, firstly heating -3 outside but look at the snap below14.5 with holes in ceiling, but then this happened,few edges left to fill,Above the storage area ceilings being painted, here also the walls just need top coats, two tiles to be cut in. The utility area has had the door hinges down and all woodwork and doors primed and undercoated, just walls to be second coated, and woodwork glossed. We shall have to try heating now the ceiling is mostly filled in.

We will need a fair few members this day to shift the old tabletops and frames from storage to the venue, so we can start building the tables, and see what we need to buy to complete them.

Saturday  3rd January 2015.

Big turnout, of crew, most of the walls topcoated in Magnolia, as well as the utility room and toilet. The last two ceiling lights in kitchen and coffee area are up, as well as another chunk of suspended ceiling. We have also brought over the tables ready to assemble.

Sunday 4th January 2015.

Today the ceiling in the utility and toilet have been painted and topcoated, in Spanish Dannio blanco, the walls in the gaming area have been lightly sanded and finished off, by Trev and Alex. The suspended ceiling is now complete, with Freddie doing a big sweep and move round, making room for the table assembly. While Rob was on kitchen duties. Hinges on the two doors, and the office door hung. Meanwhile I have sorted out all the bits ready too assemble the first of the tables.

Tuesday 6th January 2015.

Today the power was put on, in the workshop, and all the sockets, and conduits. The neon light switch for the water heater, fitted. The hole in the wall for the paint extractor fan drilled, filled with a plastic bag to stop the draught.Then completed cutting and fitting the last of the skirting boards, so James could paint them. Door on the electric cupboard and finished boxing in around the back of the toilet,

The table parts have been organised ready for assembly,

James completed lots of the final tasks today, emulsion painting around the edges, and priming up the last of the skirtings which were fitted today.

Thursday 8th January 2015.

Today we started building the tables, so far the 12ft x 4ft “40K” NE table is finished and the adjoining 6ft x 4ft table. The 12ft x 6ft in the SE corner has the base shelf finished, top on tomorrow.

Friday 9th january 2015.

Another heavy day, the first of the 18ft x 6 ft tables is finished, as you can see below, Gary adding the finishing touches. This is the table with the club boardgame from the past painted on it, “It never snows in September” A Bridge to Far, Arnhem 1944.Above you can see the 18ft leading on to the 12ft in the background, giving Rob his 34 ft x 6 ft long table for Flames of War.He above you can see the 12 x 6 ft, and in the foreground the 6 ft x 4 ft board these can link to make a L shape board, we are calling it the 40k corner, at the moment.

One table to go, this will be built later next week before the carpets go down.

Saturday 10th January 2015.

Filled all the old screw holes in the 40k area tables. Planed and sanded down all the edges of the tables, so far. Then started on the shelves in the workshop, and then finished the last two pieces of skirting board. Then the troops arrived and a good clean up began, buckets of sawdust and other rubbish.The first of the terrain enters the venue, Here above we see the 2 x 2ft tiles in there new home.

Monday 12th January 2015.

The new entrance gate is in,Although it was dark when we finished, above is the shot, we are now no 3a Bentalls Close.The carpaet tiles arrived today and are in surprising good condition for second use, the painting continued today with JW glossing around the skirtings, James finishing emulsion on the 40k wall, a good dusting, the loft insulation all finally down. Still need another 3 sq metres though. Loft hatch hinged, strip light up on painting desk, boxwork over old entrance office door, and finally the first game set up, a Flames of War Eastern Front,Although not using the whole of the 18ft board.


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