Most Tuesdays are now Historical night. Check to see what’s occurring.  From 19.00 hrs.  This weeks projects are; two types of  Buildings for 28mm, for Dust Tactics, Warmachine 40k, Dystopian Wars the islands etc.  Plus 20mm WWII buildings. Also a games night, rule testing etc.

Every Wednesday is club night.   So most evenings we have a selection of; Star Wars, Warmachine, the Warhammer 40k and Dystopian Wars, etc.

Allied Armour rolls on. 20mm scale WWII

Bolt Action

   9th JULY 2017 An 18 foot Malburian battle, in 15mm scale, Using the rules Warfare in the Age of Reason.

APOCALYPSE !!! 40k Massive encirclement battle, can the Imperial Guard hold out against a determined assault of 60,000 points of Tyranids.

Previous tourno was,  Saturday 2nd April 2016. With 1500 points, Tournament details on link.