Bolt Action

8 Hours of Bolt Action…

A bridge too Far. The opening shots…

Bolt Action

Here are a the first few images of our all day Bridge too far scenario played across our large 56ft long table. We had about 5 or 6 players on each side and the dice started rolling about 10:00.

_DSC6210_00019All heroically fuelled with a constant supply of tea and bacon rolls by Andy in-between throwing dice, from our small kitchen. Of course, supplemented with the occasional can of coke and chocolate bars.

The game ran incredibly  well and didn’t bog down, even with about 5 different scenario being played out across the table at the same time. This was due to our umpire Gary and Russ running round the table form time to time calling in artillery   bombardments. Thanks Russ I was doing fine until you did it to me.

We need to mention Paul’s amazing effort in bringing this together, with the help of Russ. Andy fantastic tables that bring all our games to life and everyone who came down a played.

We will look to add more images and a bit more detail later when we have had a chance to collate and organise all the photos.