Here are a few snaps from the 40k Apocalypse game “Tyranid Infestation” at the weekend. The board was 18 feet x 16 feet. Consisting of an plantary airbase, from which all reserves were allocated. A Power station, for various objectives, cooling and power storage units, these affected the city shield, and various other implications, electrified fences, large power weapons etc. Industrial Unit Area with factories and workshops, repair shops etc. Which included an Imperial Guard Landraider vehicle assembly plant.

Two concentric lines of defence, including redoubts and fortifications. Lines of earthworks and trenches, surrounding the city between damaged buildings, backed up with dragons teeth and tanktraps.

Inside the city proper, we have  The Sacred Sepulchre church  of the Imperial  W Guard (SSWG) a large church building, a mausoleum with statues to the heros, town offices and a large suburban living quarters sector.