The new club

After the opening

After the opening we have now built the last of the tables a 18 x 6 ft. The carpet tiles are nearly all laid, the last of the emulsion painting is completed and the last of gloss is to be finished on Monday. A Big Thankyou, to all the people who made this a successful …

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party wall

Fixings and a few noggins

Up goes the party wall today, just a few tie fixings and a few noggins. So should be able to continue the plasterboarding tomorrow. As usual a nother tidy up, with all the spare polystyrene going up into the storage area, insulation there as well while waiting for the suspended ceiling.


Must do something about the front door

Floor now complete, must do something about the front door threshold, all the remaining boards are free to be used in the upper storage area, as they are all treated. We have also had another big cleanup, surprising how much rubbish is left after each stage.

So now the dropsaw

Today we continued filling in the studs and ceilings with plasterboard, and real good clear up, emptying the bins etc, The utility room sink and cupboard are fitted and are waiting to be plumbed in, tomorrow with luck. Also the workshop work benches have been fitted, so now the dropsaw and all the tools are …

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The stud was insulated

Most of the flooring is down, even inside the workshop, and the kitchen was delivered today. The wall behind the stud was insulated and the plaster boarding started, and  the expanse of the flooring, right up to the tea bar.

The electric cupboard

Work goes on, today we saw more plasterboard going up on the ceiling and all round the workshop, just cutting in to do. The electric cupboard, now formed, and a door liner made, should be ready for boarding. The first light cables for the workshop, table 1 and 2 are in place, ready to drop …

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Underfloor insulation stack

Flooring arrived

Today all work seemed to accelerate, flooring arrived, polystyrene underfloor insulation, plasterboard and the rest of the timber. We can see the new stud for the Kitchenette, being erected this will encompass the “Tea” facilities. As you can see this will probably become the first task completed. Below, you can see the underfloor insulation stack, …

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